Our story is a story of quality, responsible working and 15 years of tradition filled with a lot of energy and passion.

Starting with 30 employees, today this successful story is written together by more than 60 employees.


The story of Vezë Sharri began in 1999. An random and brief working visit to a large poultry farm in Münsterland, Northern Germany, served as an impetus to start a big investment in Macedonia. It was at this farm that the owner of Vezë Sharri Company, Mr. Arben Abdurahmani, has learned the process of farming chickens into egg-laying hens.  


Strongly desiring to return to his native country, Mr. Abdurahmani comes up with the idea to set up a small poultry farm in the village of Trebosh. For this purpose, he asked for help from Mr. Hermann Seemiller, owner of the poultry farm Seemiller, where he has worked for eight years. Soon they decided to make a joint German-Macedonian investment in a large poultry farm, since small farms are not a profitable business.


This is a brief timeline of the development of our three brands: Vezë Sharri, Lecker and Elektrosharri.


2000 – the foundations of today’s Vezë Sharri facility were laid. At first, an area of two hectares was fenced and a disinfectant barrier was placed at the entrance. Afterwards, the hall was built in which the chickens were being raised into egg-laying hens.

Then, several other facilities were built: hall for egg-laying hens, sorting hall, warehouse for packaging, technical room with an emergency power aggregate and other office premises.


2002 – in the beginning of 2002, the first 30,000 chickens arrived from Athens, and towards the end of the year, the chickens that were now grown into hens, have laid their first eggs.

At the end of 2002, around 4.3 million consumable eggs were produced.

2003 – for the purpose of producing poultry feed, the following facilities were built: three granaries for maize, six granaries for various grains, a mill with a hammer and elevators for conveying and mixing the feed.

2005 – this year was marked by the construction of the Lecker factory for production of cured meat products. In the beginning, only chicken meat was processed, but after the desired taste and quality was established, we started producing beef products. This factory was set up as a solution for introducing young egg-laying hens in the battery cages and the need for slaughtering many old hens all at once. State-of-the-art technology machines are installed in the factory.

In order to continuously improve the working process and maintain the quality, we have certified the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 22000-5000 standard and we have implemented the HACCP system, which guarantee perfect safety.


2007 – the Lecker company began operating. Thanks to the fully digitalised and automated process of maintaining optimal conditions for growth and development of chickens into egg-laying hens, Vezë Sharri increased its capacity to 120,000 egg-laying hens and 30 million eggs per year.


2010 – the second hall for hens of Vezë Sharri was built.


In 2010 there was a large fire which burnt down the first hall together with 120,000 egg-laying hens inside, the production facility, the warehouse with around 60,000 eggs ready for transport, as well as the silos with large quantities of feed and wheat.


Although the loss was enormous, Vezë Sharri managed to consolidate its remaining capacities, continued to operate and develop at faster pace and with even bigger enthusiasm, so that today, step by step, it is taking the leading position on the market.


2014 – the foundations of the first biogas power station in Macedonia – Elektrosharri – were laid down. It will produce electricity from poultry litter. It is an investment worth 5 million Euros. The German expertise and the domestic support enabled this power station to offer alternative electricity on the market in Macedonia, as well as in the region. The power station has a capacity of 999 kilowatt and it will produce 7,950,000 kilowatt hour per year.